Episode 6 Show Notes

Episode 6 Show Notes

This week's episode is a Soul led conversation with De'Nicea Hilton. She and I hit it off as soon as we met and since we are in the same space its always fun chatting with her. We had a conversation and decided to record it along the way for you all to be a part of. We discuss the Healing Journey, De'Nicea's new community coming out for women to feel supported along the way on your Healing Journey, and our own journey along the way.

So just who is De'Nicea?

Playin’ at the intersection of Holistic Health and Leadership, you’ll find De’Nicea Hilton Harper of Hilton Holistic Health and Wellness creating Practical and Playful experiences for Women Executives, Entrepreneurs and Leaders. De’Nicea (Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant) “connects the dots” of what’s playing a role in her Holistic Health and Well-Being that’s affecting her life: personally and in business - so that she may begin to intentionally design her life Being her purpose…authentically and perfectly.

Realizing her healing and leadership is a journey - not a destination - women go on adventures (such as in the Perfect PlayGround Community, UnSlumber Party! Retreats and more) to explore the deeper meanings of her Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical health; and implement tools that fit who she is for sustainable healing and impactful leadership.

De’Nicea also founded and personally designed tea blends for Teas of Perfect(ion) - premium teas to be Sips for Your Soul, highlighting the Spiritual, Emotional and Mental healing properties of herbs, spices and flowers.

If you wish to connect more with De'Nicea you can find her at: www.deniciahilton.com/connect