Keys to Happy Healthy Hormones, Part 1

Keys to Happy Healthy Hormones, Part 1

I posted a poll last week asking what topic everyone wanted to hear more about in the coming weeks. The overwhelming majority voted for hormonal health. So, here is the first post on hormonal health!

(I am working on a masterclass about hormone health as well, that will be coming out in the upcoming months. Keep an eye/ear out for that announcement!)

So you have whacky hormones? Feel exhausted by trying to figure out what steps to take and what to do to help your body restore balance naturally?

I was there once myself! My endometriosis ruled my life and I felt lost. But because of that I am now able to help countless others NOT have to live that way. I have a solution and roadmap. In the upcoming weeks, I will be sharing a lot of the roadmap for you so you can start on your healing journey for happy, healthy hormones.

Nutrition and Lifestyle are 2 of the biggest changes we can make to see almost immediate changes in our hormonal health. Today I will talk about 2 of those changes you can start enacting now.

  1. ALWAYS eat Breakfast. You've heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day and when it comes to hormone health, that is 100% the truth! Eating breakfast sets you up for stabilized blood sugar levels and balanced hormones throughout the day. You need a breakfast that is filled with fats, proteins, and moderate carbs from whole foods. This will set up your day for balanced blood sugar, reduced stress, and healthy hormone production
  2. Eat LOTS of Nutrient Dense, Whole foods. I mean plenty (as in 5-7 cups) of vegetables a day, especially cruciferous vegetables and quality animal products with every meal. This means eggs (a GREAT source for all the vitamins you need for a happy liver and happy hormone production), raw dairy, grass fed/pastured meats, organic grass fed butter, and more. These foods are rich in nutrients and provide the basic building blocks necessary for happy healthy hormones. Hormone imbalances can start or be triggered by nutrient deficiencies. You can reverse this by eating an organic whole foods, nutrient dense diet.

Have you been slacking on eating breakfast or on eating the nutrient dense foods you know you need?

I get it. I have been there myself. But remember your body is an amazing powerhouse and able to heal itself, but it needs us to provide it with the right tools to do so. This means ensuring you are eating a whole foods, nutrient dense diet every meal of every day. Your body is NOT a battlefield and when you stop fighting against it and start working with it, HUGE changes can and do occur.

I would love to hear from you about how this is going for you and if you need any help on how to implement these 2 strategies.

Love and Light,