Episode 10 Show Notes

Episode 10 Show Notes

Today's episode is a recorded conversation between Ashli Twitty and myself. We met awhile ago and immediately hit it off. Our souls were just aligned almost immediately upon meeting. Besties right away!

Ashli is a Wellness Witch and Women's Empowerment Mentor. She has a Master's in Health promotion, over a decade of professional experience in behavioral health and mental health recovery arenas with her personal magickal life transformation, shifting from Unhealthy Bitch to Wellness Witch. She now combines those elements and created a Witchy Wellness business that empowers female leaders to hit their goals without sacrificing their mental or physical health. Her programs are highly effective and therapeutic and encompass elements of Nature remedies, spirituality, human design, and recovery.

Our conversation ran the gamit from what exactly is a wellness witch, to our human design and astrology natal charts, our families, our spiritual awakenings and so much more. You will love what you hear today.

If you want to know more about Ashli or reach out to find out more about what she offers you can find her at:

IG- @goodytwitty.wellnesswitch

FB group- Witchy Wellness- Energy Magick for Happy Healthy Living

Email: goodytwitty@gmail.com

She is best reachable by email or DM on IG.

And if you are looking for my links, find them here: www.linktr.ee/twinravennaturals

Love and Light,