Keys to Happy Healthy Hormones Part 6

Keys to Happy Healthy Hormones Part 6

Today's Blog Post is Part 6 in the Keys to Happy Healthy Hormones Series.

This week we cover 2 more important things to start incorporating into your life to help balance your hormones and restore health to your body.

11. Eat Mindfully

Pay attention to your food. Notice the taste and focus on the sensation of eating. Chew your food slowly &
completely. Count to five between bites. Do whatever is necessary to slow down and support the digestion process.

Stopping before eating to give a moment of silence and gratitude for the food on your plate is another great way to eat mindfully. Take 5 deep breaths afterward and then start.

Eliminate distractions as well. Turn off the TV and your phone. Have conversations with those around you or just focus on your plate and your feelings as you approach fullness.

12. Decrease Exercise Intensity & Focus
on Light, Frequent Movement
During the Luteal and Menstruation
Phases of your cycle.
Excessive cardio puts a lot of stress on the body resulting in inflammation and hormone imbalances. Instead, prioritize frequent movement and lighter intensity workouts like weighted lifting, stretching & walking during this time.

Your luteal phase comes after ovulation and lasts 7-12 days for most individuals and the Menstruation phase is the week you are bleeding.

These are both low energy phases of your body. You need more nutrition, less active movement, and more rest. Use these phases to slow down some and take a break from always going going going.

This is your permission to stay home and watch TV and eat ice cream for dinner in your pajamas. LOL

How are you doing on these 2 things? Are you doing pretty good or feel you could do better?

If you need help incorporating them into your life, I would love to help you on the path.

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