Wellness Wednesday!

Wellness Wednesday!

It's Wellness Wednesday!

This week for Wellness Wednesday I will be discussing the importance of your mindset when you are on your healing journey. 

One of the steps necessary to help your body heal is to learn to reconnect with your body, be in tune with your body, and to trust that your body knows what is doing to heal what is going on in your body. 

This is not always an easy step. For so long you have been disconnected from your body, not understanding how it speaks to you, and have been told that if you have a symptom appear, you couldn't possibly know what it means. 

Which is simply untrue. You know your body better than anyone else on this planet. Some steps to help you learn to communicate with your body again that you can start implementing ASAP:

  1. Remember to love your body exactly where it is currently. Refuse to think of it as broken or unable to be fixed. Your thoughts can and will literally keep you where you are and will keep your body from healing.
  2. Take time to sit in meditation or just quiet and listen to what your body is saying. Ask it what it needs to help it heal that symptom. It will tell you, even if it is not in "words." The language the body speaks is one of symptoms. Learning to hear what the symptom truly is and where it is coming from can help you know what your body needs to heal.
  3. Remind yourself that your body is amazing and capable of healing. Say "My body is amazing and capable of healing itself. I am able to communicate with it to know what it needs."
  4. Take leaps of faith. By this I mean, listen to your body, determine where they symptom is coming from, sit in the quiet and determine what it needs, then try it! Give it time to start working. At least a couple weeks. If it doesn't work, then try again. Over time you will get better and better at getting it right the first time. This builds trust in your ability to understand your body and build that trust again. You will have times you will get it wrong. That's ok! It's not a simple linear process. Its a journey and has plenty of detours along the way.
  5. Make sure you have a good support system in place to help you along the way. Friends, family, me, join my FB group: The Sisterhood: Holistic Health and Support. Whatever works to help you along your way. Having people that are a few steps ahead of you in the journey is imperative to keep you going along the way and not getting stuck.

These are just a few ways you can start to tune in better with your body and start to learn what it needs to help it heal the symptoms you are experiencing. 

Have you found a way that works well for you? Share it so others can find ways that help them as well! 

Love and Light,