Episode 11 Show Notes

Episode 11 Show Notes

This is the last in the series of the Keys to Happy Healthy Hormones!! These last 6 keys are an integral part of achieving balanced hormone health and learning to do these will help you so much on your journey.

If after listening to this whole series, you are saying "Well this is great, but I don't know where to go from here or how to start!", I would love for you to join me in my Welcome To Wellness Group program. This is a small cohort group of 10 individuals. This intimate setting is perfect for helping you receive the support you need and individualized attention from myself. It is a 12 week long program that dives deep into all these keys and really lays out a roadmap to success.

This is an application only program. To apply fill out the form at the link below to get started. Applications close on November 30th and spots usually fill quickly. Make sure to apply today so you do not miss the start of this round and have to wait till March for the next. Price is $995 for the 12 weeks (14 weeks this go round due to holidays) and includes everything you will need throughout the program. No hidden fees or costs! If your application is approved, an email will be sent to schedule a Discovery call and get you enrolled! See you there!

Application form: https://my.practicebetter.io/#...

Applicable links to find me: "http://www.linktr.ee/twinravennaturals

Leave a voice message: anchor.fm/the-herbal-eir